5 Best Real Estate Logo Design Trends In 2020

Every real estate needs a high-quality logo design to promote their brand and get global recognition. A logo plays a vital role in all your happenings. As real estate relies on marketing and advertising to get customers, they must need the logo design to attract their targeted audience.

Well, this article emphasizes more in the real estate logo design trend to keep you upgrading. Let’s have a look!

Animated Logo


Animated Logo

As the visualization technique is readily available in the digital form, businesses turn into digital and keep going with the time. The animated logo is the latest trend to attract the viewers instantly. The animated logo is imbued with motion effect, one of the vivid ways to communicate with the customers.

Now, with the help of an animated logo, you can easily convey your message. However, make sure you don’t use any unpleasant or insipid logo that pulls away from your customers.

Metallic Effects


Metallic Effects

By using metallic effects, real estate logo designs tend to give a special appearance. Color gradients such as gold, silver, or any other color add the elegancy to the logo design. You can use this logo design on the website, business cards, flyers, posters, catalog, etc. To make any printable thing more appealing, you can choose the metallic effect.

Custom Typography

Well, every business has a story, and every owner wants to reveal it. By using custom, fonts are the best ways to tell the story of your brand. The use of a handwritten design is the best way to enhance the ability of logo design. Garamond, Baskerville, Didot, etc. are the professional typeface fonts that best suit the real estate logo. However, you can use a lot more than a professional typeface. For instance, you can use a custom typeface to control and manage your logo design as per your need.

Custom Typography


3D logo

The 3D logo is not only for the real estate logo but also for many other industries that prefer giving visual effects. This logo design is visually dynamic and gives premium effects that improve the attractiveness and attract more customers. It is a good idea to use this logo design; however, make sure to use it for a website, digital billboards, and some other digital media.

3D logo


Minimalist Logos

The only aim of this logo is to “approach more in less.” Minimalist logos are mainly designed by using the simple element of logo: color, fonts, and typography. Unlike other logo designs, it doesn’t need fancy embellishments; however, you can design an intricate logo. Photography, real estate, restaurants, Spa, and fitness brands are some industries currently using minimalist designs in their logos. When designing this logo, always ask your graphic designers to keep it simple and remove extra lines from your logo.

The Bottom line

Every logo design has the aim to captivate the audiences. When it comes to designing a logo for real estate, they are bound to make a good impression- as they rely on marketing and advertising. Make sure to use intricate lines and negative space to create an aesthetic real estate logo. Whenever you need to design your logo, keep remembering the latest trend logo designs to enrich your brand.


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