9 Must-Have Soccer Equipment for Any Soccer Professional in 2019

Soccer is a popular game played widely over almost all Western countries and is gaining immense popularity across the globe. It is not only the nations that are involved with soccer or are hosting matches. But there are many football clubs like Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and many more who have been playing club matches across Europe. 
Further, many federations organize matches all around the year. So if you are a soccer fan and want to see yourself as a shining soccer star, there are plenty of opportunities ahead for you. 
But soccer is a match that requires immense endurance, physical fitness, practice, mentorship. But no matter how much advance level player you are, still you need proper soccer equipment to add that finishing touch to your play. 

9 Must-Have Soccer Equipment for Any Soccer Professional in 2019

With the soaring popularity of soccer, many companies are manufacturing and offering soccer equipment for sale both online and offline. 

Nine vital Soccer Equipment

  • Soccer Cleats: A soccer match is incomplete without proper soccer cleats. The choice of soccer cleats by a player depends upon the position of the player on the field. It also depends on the terrain on which the match is played. The soccer shoes should give a snug fit while playing in the fields so that it is neither too loose or neither too tight to give you a shoe bite. Further, a soccer cleat comes with a wide variety of studs meant for giving a different level of traction that a player needs during a game. The soccer cleats come with both leather and synthetic finish on the outer; a leather finish gives a fine touch on the ball while a synthetic one costs less. 
  • Shin Guards: Shin guards are required to protect your shin or front portion of your leg from getting hurt, injured or bruised. Two types of shin guards are slip-in shin guards and shin socks. It is vital for shin-guards to fit under the socks. Lightweight shin guards are used by goalies and strikers, while sturdy and heavier shin guards are ideal for mid-fielders and defensemen. 
  • Soccer apparels: Every soccer team has their team jersey with the number designated to each player. Soccer apparels comprise of many things like jerseys, shorts, socks, etc. It is ideal to have soccer apparels of breathable fabric and material that will keep you sweat-free and light during the entire soccer match. Soccer socks should be bought depending upon the position of the player on the field.   Goalkeepers do not need extra- long soccer socks since the shin guards they wear are lightweight and could accommodate within a normal length sock. Extra-long pair of socks is needed for defenders the reason being they wear heavily padded shin guards. The strikers need to run a lot; hence, they wear thin shin guards. Extra tight socks should be avoided by strikers as they obstruct fast running.
  • Portable Football Goals: It resembles a real football goal post and is ideal for a practice session for players.  It can be inflated for a practice session and deflated and packed in a bag, making it portable enough to be carried anywhere. Further, it is available in a wide variety of sizes. You can buy one for your back so that your kids can practice or a full-sized real one could be bought for your training before a real match. The best part is they are anti-corrosive.
  • Rebounders: It enables the player to develop technical skills as well as passing skills using both feet. The training device helps the player in kicking and receiving the ball without the help of any second person.  It comes in a wide range of sizes and options. Some of the rebounders help in delivering unpredictable rebounds for a perfect practice session. 
  • Speed and agility equipment: It primarily focuses on developing speed and agility in players, which is vital for any soccer match. The speed and agility hurdles help in improving running and jumping abilities in players. Bounce-back hurdles further enable the players to return to the normal position on being knocked by trailing feet. Speed and agility ladders enhance foot speed and coordination.
  • Cones: It helps the players in learning the skills to dribble the ball through the narrowest corner without the loss of control on the ball.
  • Footballs:  A soccer ball is the soul of the soccer game. Soccer ball used in league matches varies according to the age of players playing. A soccer ball also varies according to the sizes. The sizes would generally be one, three, four, and five while smaller sized balls are ideal for youth players. But small-sized footballs also help in practicing to improve coordination and better ball handling by foot. Generally, a full-sized ball that is size five is used by professional players.
  • Goalkeepers Glove: Proper goal keeper’s glove is vital to protect the hands from getting sprained due to the sturdy strikes of ball. Further, the gloves should be designed in a way to allow the player to have a firm grasp on the ball. 

Tips on maintaining your soccer equipment:

  • Keep them clean: The soccer ball and shin-guards should be wiped off after every use. Further mud and grass should be removed from soccer cleats.
  • Soccer ball: Keep your soccer ball inflated. Since low air pressure in a soccer ball could reduce its life.
  • Store the soccer equipment properly:  After the match or training session is over it is advised to store the soccer equipment inside and away from direct heat or sunlight since it could result in damage of equipments in the long run.


The ninety minutes soccer matches demands immense stamina, agility, and presence of mind. Training yourself using proper soccer equipment not only helps you master the skills and tricks of a soccer match in a better way but also helps you to avoid any injury during the match. 

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