A Guide to Identify and Stop the Receding Gums

Your smile happens to be the first thing that people notice in you. In order to retain that, healthy gums are as essential as that of the strong and shiny teeth. The receding gums can cause bad breath and sensitivity. That is why you need to know a bit about gum recession and the way it is treated so that you can get rid of the symptoms of gum recession.
Symptoms of Gum Recession and Sensitivity
Gums are made of soft tissues. By surrounding the teeth on all sides they actually provide support.  Gums fit snugly around the teeth when they are absolutely healthy. Recession occurs when the gum line is pulled away from the teeth which makes the teeth look longer than they are normally.
Recession is not, however, the only symptom that something has gone wrong. You should also check whether your teeth have become sensitive.  This will help you decide to schedule an appointment with your dentist.
Here are some of the signs of gum sensitivity to watch out for. Just read on.
·         The gums bleed easily
·         Gums become swollen and tender
·         You have got bad breath
Causes of Receding Gums
By knowing the symptoms of gum recession and sensitivity you can take the precautions. Now that you know the symptoms let us focus on the causes of gum recession.
·         Bruxism–You should schedule an appointment with your dentist if you think you suffer from grinding teeth.
·         Poor Oral Care – If you neglect taking care of your teeth and gums then it can lead to conditions like periodontal disease and gingivitis.
·         Aggressive Brushing – Brushing your teeth harder than what is essential can actually cause more harm than any good.
·         Gum Tissue Trauma – This can happen if you meet with an accident and suffer from a serious teeth injury.
·         Genetics – This can also happen if your parents suffered from receding gums. This has been passed onto you genetically then.
Ceasing the habits within control can reverse the process of recession. Brushing and flossing your teeth and taking care of your oral health are the two immediate changes that you can go for.
Options for the Treatment
If your gum has receded to such an extent that even by changing the habits you are able to reverse the issue then there are other options.
·         Gum grafting occurs when the periodontist uses other tissues to cover and repair the area that is affected. It happens to be a standard periodontal surgery that calls for a local anaesthetist.
·         Regeneration Therapy happens to be another surgical procedure that helps in this case.  It is designed to restore the gum tissue and repair lost or damaged bone due to the periodontal disease. The affected area of the gum is surgically flapped back and the bacteria are removed by the professional conducting the            dental treatment in Delhior elsewhere. After the area is cleaned, proteins or bone matrix are placed in the area of the bone loss for stimulating the regrowth of the tissue and the bone.
If you want a brilliant smile then focussing on your gums is as important as to your teeth. That is why you should take proper care of both your gums as well as your teeth so that you can flaunt your teeth whenever you want with confidence.

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