Captivating Ideas for Decorating Wholesale Seashells

wholesale seashells

Most of us love summer. Right? One thing that gives us a reminisce of the beautiful season is the gorgeous seashells. The beachy and refreshing feel just gets intensified when you have colorful seashells around you. But have you ever wondered what the best way to bring the coastline touch to your home is? Unfortunately, not everyone lives near the shore!

Buying wholesale seashells can help you make pretty home decors that can add a sense of the bright season and create an atmosphere that gives you a beachy vibe. From beautiful candle holders to photo frames, you can customize your dull and boring items with seashells to impress your guests. They will surely give you additional points for your creativity!

In this post, we will give you some amazing ideas to make some attractive decorations for your home using wholesale seashells. Choose one or more of these to get started and make a beach-inspired decor.

#1 Heart-Shaped Shell Design on a Wood Background

For this, you will need a hot glue gun, some wholesale seashells, a pencil, and a clean wooden plank.

Draw a heart shape on your wooden plank with the help of a pencil. Now stick the wholesale seashells on the figure that you have drawn on the wooden plank with the glue gun. And that is it; place it in your living room or bedroom to give an aesthetic beachy vibe.

#2 3D Seashore View with Sand and Shells

For this, you will need a photo of the beach, scissors, a cardboard box, a piece of transparent plastic, some sand and seashells, and a hot glue gun.

Take the cardboard box and cut out one side of it with the scissors. Now stick the picture to the cut-out and glue it back to the box. Cut off the opposite side to the picture and paste the plastic in such a way that it makes everything inside the box visible. Once you’re done, fill in the box with the sand and seashells.

You can use it as decor in your room or give it as a gift to someone as a token of love.

 #3 Jar full of Shells with Light

For this, you will need a glass jar, some fairy lights, and colorful wholesale seashells.

First of all, clean the jar and fill it with the wholesale seashells that you bought. Now put the lights inside it; that’s all!

Keep it near your bed and switch on the light to give it a very pleasing look. It can indeed replace your table lamps.

 #4 Photo frame with seashells

For this, you will need a photo frame, a hot glue gun, and seashells of various sizes.

Take the photo frame and clean it nicely so that there isn’t any dust. Now stick the seashells on the frame to give it a very refreshing and unique look.

Place this beautiful photo frame on your bedside table, and cherish your memories in the most alluring way.

 #5 Tea Light Candles in a Seashell

For this, you will need a big seashell, your favorite paint color, a thick thread, and some melted wax.

Start with painting the seashell in your favorite color. Take the thread and place it in the seashell. Pour the melted wax into the seashell till it is filled. That is all you need to do!

Light up these beautiful candles on your special occasion to add a very calming and captivating foot to the atmosphere

 #6 Seashell Pots

For this, you will need a hot glue gun, a pot, and some wholesale seashells.

Clean up the pot and then stick the whole cells on it in whichever pattern you want. You get a beautiful pot with seashell decorations to showcase the creativity of the planter inside you!

 #7 A Seashell Wind Chime

For this, you will need a thick rope, some colorful seashells, a stick, a pair of scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Start with cutting the rope at your desired length. Make sure to have two threads of the same length so that you can attach them to either side of the chime. Now that the stick and tie the ropes on it. Stick the seashells in uniform spaces with the help of the hot glue gun. You can also add other dried sea creatures, such as starfish, etc.

Place the chime in your living space or bedroom to intensify a refreshing look.

 #8 Seashell table lamp

For this, you will need a table lamp, some wholesale seashells, and a hot glue gun.

Take the lampshade out and clean it nicely. Then stick the seashells on it in your desired design with the hot glue gun. Place the lampshade back again. Now take the bottom part of the lamb and stick some seashells there too.

That is all you need to do for a beautiful and elegant table lamp that can make your bedroom look captivating.

 #9 Seashell wall decor

For this, you need to gather all your wholesale seashells and get a pencil and a hot glue gun.

Start with drawing a design that you want to have on your wall with a pencil. Now stick the seashells one by one in the design with the hot glue gun. Make sure to hold the seashells till it nicely stuck on the wall. This is the best way you can use your wholesale seashells to get gorgeous wall decor for your home without spending much.

The Bottom Line

Seashells are one of the things that instantly remind you of the refreshing vibe of a beach. When you buy wholesale seashells from a reliable seller on the internet, you get a bunch of things that can be used for decorating your house and give it a cool look that intensifies the feel of Summer. The above-mentioned list will help you decorate your house using wholesale seashells within a few minutes.

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