Characteristics And Benefits Of A Telehandler

A telehandler is a rough terrain forklift that provides a combination of forklift functionality and flexibility, with the strength associated with a crane. If you are looking towards plant hire for a project, a telehandler has a number of benefits that could help you successfully complete your tasks, with a number of important characteristics associated. When comparing it directly with the vertical lift masts of a forklift, a telehandler for hire is more likely to be designed with a horizontal boom that rises at a 70-degree angle and could also extend and retract to as far as 30-feet depending on the model you are hiring. This characteristic offers great flexibility and versatility in its uses.

No matter what type of telehandler you have hired there will be a boom mounted in a way that provides a clean avenue for forks to be placed under a load. This clean approach extends to those with booms that travel anywhere within the 7 to 8 feet limits of a boom travelling forwards or back. A frame-tilting characteristic offers the operator a chance to alter the lateral angle, and it is this feature of the telehandler design that lends itself to the all-terrain usage. An operator has the ability to level the boom before elevating, no matter the type of surface they are moving on.

When working on uneven terrain it is important to have expert handling controls, and a telehandler provides three steering options for just this purpose. Being able to manipulate the boom when on uncertain surfaces does offer great flexibility, but with the added bonus of multiple steering options the operator has even greater control. The front steering option permits the front wheels to react to the steering wheel. If you are looking to turn in a circle as tightly as possible, the circle steering option causes the front wheels and rear wheels to move in the opposite direction to each other. Crab steering offers a diagonal movement with all wheels moving in the same direction.

The beauty of hiring a telehandler is that you can choose from a wide range of lifting attachments to help you with your specific tasks. Being able to operate a telehandler to tilt upwards, downwards, but also forwards until the carriage is parallel to the ground offers great flexibility. A rotating carriage allows for a load to be tilted from side to side once it has been loaded.

When you have hired a telehandler it is important to fully understand how to effectively use it in order to stay safe and to maximise the efficacy of the task at hand. Load capacity can vary drastically depending on the boom extension, the angle, lift attachments and the grade. There will be a specific loading table for each individual telehandler.

No matter what type of telehandler you are hiring for your project, be sure to provide your operators with sufficient training for safety purposes. A plant hire service will be able to advise you on the right type of telehandler for your needs and offer safety guidance for each model.

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