Choose the Right Beard Style for Men

Hair is always a hot topic for everyone- whether they are women, men, or kids all want to look with hair.

Just like hair, beards are matters of impression for every man. Men’s believe beard should be so strong that give a dapper look that people should notice you from afar and say, “What a cool look!”

Beards are so hot right now! Choose the style that suits right with your face to compliment your jaw with these tips.

Square styles

A strong jawline is wider than the forehead always characterizes a square shape. Find the right style for your square face that will give a dapper look. If you have a square shape face, try to keep the beard shorts on the sides and fuller on your chin to complement the square jaw.


Oval shape men are often spotted with a slightly narrower chin than the forehead and no hard lines. Choosing the right beard style for such a face can be quite overwhelming. Try a circle-shaped beard with an angled shave along your cheekbones to complements the chin. Or else, take advice from a barber as they have great resources on getting the unique style for your face shape. Check out the barbershop in Lake Forest, CA, for more styling tips.


Those who have rectangular face shape; they long face with a square jaw. Find the beard style that will give a dapper look for your rectangular face. Try to keep beard shorter on the chin and longer on the sides to shape your face. Or, fill out your sharp angels with a beard around the jawline.


It’s a great chance for rounded face shape men. The right beard style makes your face look slimmer and elevate your persona. An angled shave on your chick bone may slim down your face. You can also keep the hair full on your chin to enhance your personality.

Shaping and shaving steps:

Step 1: Before you shape, clean your face with cleansing or exfoliates.

Step2: If your beard is long, trim your beard first so that the hair before shaving. Now, shape your beard again with trimmer to give you an outline and finishing look.

Steps 3: If your blade fades away or blunt, use the new one. Now apply shaving cream, gel to the area.

Steps 4: shave the hair grain for smoother results. Rinse the blade to remove the creamy flakes so you can shave your beard more clearly.

Steps 5: Now rinse your shaved area with tap water. Once done, pat dry your skin and apply aftershave product.

Tips to take of the beard:

  • Include some protein in your diet if you have patchy growth. If it still not helps you out, shave it off!
  • Beards oils help on hair growth if you have a subtle beard.
  • There are many beard products in the market to maintain healthy hair, but remember not to apply on the area where it doesn’t grow,
  • Exfoliate or clean your face before shaving
  • Use shaving creams that lubricate and protect against razor burn instead of ordinary soaps.

In conclusion

A beard style is a personal choice, but if you really want some change, the tips mentioned above help you a lot. Or else, a barbershop is always a good choice as they always have abundant styles for your face shape.

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