Get the Best Edible Cake Topper for the Party

Get the Best Edible Cake Topper for the Party

An occasion is incomplete without a cake. From kids birthday to the wedding anniversary, the presence of cakes makes every moment special. A cake is the best way to express your emotions to your loved ones. The cakes are the first choice for kid’s birthday. With the passing time and changing technique, there has been a change in the way of baking cakes.

In the present scenario, there have been lots of changes in the ingredients and technique of baking cakes. There are various flavors and types of cakes that are available to make every occasion special. In the present time, the edible cake toppers take less than a minute to change the complete look of the cake. The personalized cake topper is the best way to deliver your emotions to your loved ones.

 The Unique Cake Topper

In modern time, the cake toppers reflect your style and imagination. They are one of the crucial ingredients during the preparation of the birthday cake. The main objective of putting the cake topper is to create a proper mood, give a definite meaning to the occasion, and add beauty to the cake.

Sometime before theses cake toppers were used for the wedding cake only but with changing time and trend, the birthday cake topper becomes a common ingredient for every occasion like birthday, anniversaries and another type of functions. The cake toppers can be made with a wide variety of foods such as chocolates candy etc. With the cake topper, it is possible to take creativity on the next level.

The edible cake toppers and cupcake toppers can easily be used in the cake. The best part about it is that it can be used on any cake either it is a homemade cake, or it is cake purchased from the store. These are customized cake toppers with images printed on the top of the cake. A special type of ink is used to make these birthday toppers. The ink used for making topper is not harmful for health.

Various types of images can be printed on the frosting sheets. There are two ways by which you can get edible prints on the cake topper.

The two ways are listed below:

(1.) Readymade Theme: – In the present time, there is an extensive collection of printed cake topers right from the cartoon characters to the movie stars and real-life artists and superheroes. Select your favorite cake, topper according to the occasion. It is easy to adjust the size of the toppers according to the size of the cakes.

(2.) Customized Cake Topper: – Giving a personalized touch to the cake is now easy with customized cake topper. You can select the image as per your choice and details. The customized cake toppers are the best for every occasion.  These toppers are available in a short period.

The best thing about the cake topper is that the users can store it for 12 months. Store the cake away from direct sunlight and keep it in room temperature.

Certain steps need to be followed while applying an edible cake image on the cake.

Some of them are listed below:

(1.) Do not apply kind of decoration items on the frosted cakes before applying the image on the cake.
(2.) For best results, it is better to have buttercream and creamy frosting.
(3.) The frosting to be applied should not be dry before applying on the topper.
(4.) Once after taking the topper out from the bag, it is better to leave it for a while in room temperature.
(5.) To get a uniform touch to apply the images first to the sides holding it to the ends and placing it on the middle part and then to the sides of the cake.
(6.) While placing the toppers if you notice any wrinkles gently pat on them to give it a smooth touch.
(7.) For more creativity, add your order to make the cake attractive.

To make the cake look more attractive and beautiful, there are some tips and tricks that need to be followed

Some of them are listed below:-

(1.) Do not refrigerate the frosting sheets.
(2.) Take the help of a hairdryer to remove the backing and prevent the topper from getting damaged.
(3.) Repeat the process for one minute so that the topper can be removed easily.
(4.)  Edible cake images can be used for every type of frosting sheets.
(5.) Cut the topper according to the shape and size of the cake.
(6.) Avoid leaving the topper under direct sunlight.

The Final Thoughts

The unique cake toppers are the true reflections of creativity. The unique cake designs and toppers have changed the way of celebration no matter either it is your kids birthday, or it is a surprise party for a wedding anniversary. The edible cake toppers add a charm to the cake as well as make the occasion special.

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