Gurkha Knife: Things That You Should Be Aware Of!

Knives have instinctive importance since the ancient period. Various types of knives are used for different purposes. They have relevance as per the shape and size. Because of their immense demand, various kinds of knives are sold all over the world. Similarly, Nepal has a history of preserving knives not only by kings but by ordinary citizens too.

Gurkha knife

Gurkha knife is one of the tactical kind of knives which represents the rich history and culture of the Gurkhas. Kukri has always been related to Nepalis. It is their national weapon, originating in ancient times. It is also known as jungle knife or jungle kukri because of its immense use for cutting and chopping forest logs, etc. As per the name, the Gurkha knife is widely used by the Gurkhas and now has achieved popularity amongst people across the globe. People use the Gurkha knife in the military, along with various other functions such as slaughtering animals for food, chopping firewood, digging, cutting meat and vegetables, and skinning animals. It is also considered the most commonly used multipurpose tool that is used in the fields and homes of Nepal. They often get trained to get hands-on the knife and hence, are aware of the safety measures to be taken while using the knife.

The historical importance of Gurkha knife –

Gurkhas are the guards who perform their duty to protect humans and stuff. They are known for their bravery skills showcased in war and in disastrous mishap situations. They are also well known for the special knife carried by them. The knife is called a kukri. Whenever the name Gurkha is taken, the word kukri comes itself to demonstrate its bravery. The relation of Gurkha and kukri is inseparable. They use the kukri or Gurkha knife for fighting and protecting themselves. It has distinct specialties for Nepali and their culture. It is the symbol of the Nepalis cultural beliefs, tradition, and relevance to spirituality as well.

Kukri or Gurkha knife was firstly used for all the wars against the British warriors. The Gurkhas predominantly used it for the war in 1814-16. Every war was ceased with the help of the Gurkha knife, and the indigenous people consider it to be the reason behind their victory. Hence, the Gurkhas never forget to carry their kukris to the wars and fights.

Kukri or Gurkha knife is taken care of by the people with standards and represents the status of the holder. It is one of the prestigious things for the people of Nepal. Most people think that the kukri is only used while wars, but for Nepalis, it is the distinctive nature of the tool they regard in peacetime too. Men of Nepal feel privileged and honored to hold Gurkha Knife with them wherever they go.

Structure of Gurkha knife –

Gurkha knife is a full-sized tactical or train type of knife that each Gurkha soldier used to carry with him in uniform and in battle. This kukri is not polished in any way because of its authentic and functional essence. The knife has a different recurve in its blade. Also, it has an attractive scabbard. It is designed to grip firmly. They use buffalo hide covered wood to make the scabbard for the Gurkha knife, and the handle is made up of buffalo horn. The handle also has a pocket, through which you can see blunt steel. This steel has a sharp blade that they call “chakmak”. It can generate a spark from its flint.

The skilled laborers of Nepal are preferred for making the kukri. They take around a week to prepare the Gurkha knife. Blacksmiths with good experience often take the opportunity to create the best quality knives. Blunt and sharp are the two types that are involved in the process of knife production. The knife has both the qualities which are used characteristically as per the nature of the occasion. Kukri nowadays is used with limitations. There are special occasions and ceremonies enlisted where the kukri can be used.

Sizing of Gurkha knife –

The average weight of a Gurkha knife is 700 gms to 1 kg. Tentatively, these knives have a longer blade for around 10 to 12 inches long. It has a handle that is 5 to 6 inches in size. The total length of the Gurkha knife is 15 inches to 17 inches. The structure is designed in such a way that it could be handled easily. It is preferably used with a stiff handle. The Gurkhas can carry it well because of its convenient size. The Gurkha knife has a notch. The objective of the notch is to prevent blood from tip out. The blood may create a slimy texture that could lead to slipping of the grip from the handle.

The Bottom Line –

Gurkha Knives are widely used in Nepal. It has now gained popularity in other countries also. From slicing to chopping, the knife can be used for various purposes and hence, has immense importance in the day to day life of people in Nepal. Each Nepalese has Khukuri in their homes for protection and security. The best thing is that the excellent craftsmanship of making a top-notch Khukri has been carried down from the ancestors for a long time to date.

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