How Baseball Stress Balls Can Be Used As An Important Promotional Tool

Baseball Stress Ball
Stress balls as the name states help in releasing stress and anxiety.  Repeated squeezing and releasing the ball helps in eliminating stress. It also has other therapeutic properties like it improves the blood circulation on being squeezed and released and promotes sound sleep.
Since most stress balls come in a size that fits our palm hence, it is portable and could be carried anywhere. One could carry the stress ball in a purse while heading towards a client meeting and squeeze it to release anxiety.
Similarly, stress balls help in strengthening the muscle of our hand and provide relief from sprain and arthritis.
Plenty of stress balls are available in the market coming in different shape and size, and one such variety is the baseball stress balls.
The baseball stress ball looks like a real baseball and could be used as an ideal promotional tool.

Baseball stress ball being used as an important promotional tool

  • Gift item: The baseball stress balls could be used as an important gift item for your baseball fans to release stress and anxiety they feel in a nail-biting situation during the match. Further, they can be given away to the audience as a token of remembrance to be carried away home after the match. It will help them to remember the thrilling experience they felt and entice them to book tickets for another adventurous match that your team will be playing.
  • Trade –Show: The baseball shaped stress balls and other baseball-shaped equipment could be used as decorative items for your baseball equipment tradeshows. The baseball shaped stress ball along with the logo of your company or store could be given away to the visitors who come to your stall in a trade show. It will act as a token of remembrance, and there are a lot of chances that clients will visit your store whenever they need any baseball equipment.
  • Give away items for volunteers:  Suppose you want players for your baseball team and you are in hunt of top-performing players. Then you can organize a friendly match. In such a case, you could print the logo of your team and distribute the cheap baseball shaped stress balls along with the leaflets to attract players for the upcoming match. It is a fancy way to attract good players, the reason being leafleted are often discarded, but a stress ball generally remains in the visual proximity of the players and will remind them of an upcoming match.
  • Promotion of baseball sport in Seminars: No doubt Baseball is America’s national game but if you want to popularise the game to other countries and want to take it to the international level. Then one may have to conduct several seminars with the federations of different countries and international clients. One may also need to depend on local masses of different countries to attract fresh talents. In such cases, the baseball stress balls will act as an important promotional tool. It could be gifted to the clients and federation members present in seminars as a token of remembrance. It will remind the attendees of the points discussed during the seminar. 
  • Blood donation Camps: Base ball shaped stress balls could be used during the blood donation camps that are organized by your baseball team as repeated squeezing and releasing of the stress ball will eject blood out easily and help make the blood collection procedure easy. Further, these stress balls could be gifted to the volunteers who donated blood in the camp organized by your team.
  • Donated as gifts for kids and older adults: Suppose you are running an NGO and you want to buy some low priced gift items for the kids at your foundation. Then the baseball-shaped stress balls would be an ideal gift item. The little ones can play with it or squeeze it to have fun. Similarly, if you run an NGO for older people then these stress balls would be an ideal choice since people at old age suffer from anxiety and depression hence gripping and releasing the stress balls could help in releasing the stress level. Further, it could also be used as a meditation tool.


Baseball shaped stress ball serve a wide range of purpose and could be used for therapeutic properties apart from promotional giveaway items. It could be used for building and strengthening the muscles of children at an early age. It also works as an ideal acupressure device and helps in stimulating and soothing the brain.

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