How to Have a Healthy Mind?

In this fast moving world every persons needs a healthy mind. As our day to day is subjected to the pressure of a rhythm that does not allow us to dedicate time to ourselves.

This includes laziness in the daily exercise routine or an unbalanced diet. If we make frequent excuses about the lack of physical care, much less will be the space if we will devote to meditation, yoga or mental development.

If we ignore our mental problems for instance, they will manifest themselves also on our physical level eventually. So how can we take care of our mind, and physical health to stay young and healthy for the rest of our life?

With the following tips, you will be able to dedicate a little more time to yourself to have a healthy and strengthened mind, which will result in your self-esteem and happiness:

Exercise Your Body

The first step for healthy mind is in exercise. Several studies and researches have proved that there is a positive relationship between exercise and our mind. We can able to think better if we are healthier and fitter- it’s all link with our mind. Moreover, the numerous of studies has claim that the more we will be active the less we will be suffer from stress or anxiety.

That’s way exercise is recognized as the fundamental element for maintaining our mind health. Doing physical exercise at least half an hour a day affects your mood and your self-esteem very positively. It is not necessary to choose a difficult sport; it is enough to go for a walk.

If you think about it, since the era of industrialization we have become sedentary and we must compensate this custom with a little movement.Did you know that our mind produces around 60,000 thoughts in a day and that many of them are negative? Many are repetitive or of our past, some we just noticed, others yes. This is why sometimes we feel overwhelmed and tired. In this case, learning to meditate can be very useful, because it can improve positive thinking, mindful-ness and the meaning of life. Further, learn to fight against negativity with positive thoughts.

Negative thinking can invade our head throughout the day, as said by us. When we are overwhelmed or fail in something, we can have thoughts like ‘I’m not good for this, I’ll never get what I want, and I’ll never find a partner’ etc. In addition to meditation, we can use simple positive thoughts and tricks to combat negative imagination.

Social Relationship

Changing behavior is not easy. In fact, becoming a more sociable or more cheerful person is something that many people find impossible. But in the field of science, some experts say that these personality traits can be acquired by following a series of habits. All you have to do is explore your abilities to know yourself better. Having social relationships involves an effort because being constant when it comes to maintaining contact with others is the only thing that guarantees being able to have friends. After all, it’s all about attitude.

Peoples who have healthy minds are those who speak things and do not save themselves from a particular discomfort. They have a good level of friendly relationship and they can communicate perfectly with others about themselves.


It is imperative that we spend a part of our time being curious, reading books, watching documentaries and investigating things that have caused us some doubt at some point in our lives.

Keeping the mind active will serve to strengthen it, dissipate it from several problems and will prevent it from diseases.Forget about consuming too much, do not buy things you do not need, do not fall into the essence of capitalism and have a simple, normal life. Focusing on the mind health relaxation, inner peace and reduces the feeling of stress by getting things that will not make you happier. In short terms havinghealthy mind does not mean being religious.

Just try to connect with something that inspires you that gives meaning to what you should do and can be considered as a source of optimism. It can be from an artistic stream to a person who has been your intellectual reference.

In short a stressful life can lead to have a negative thinking and can cause physical pains and illness. So it is important to maintain a healthy balance between your mind health and physical health.

John Lee

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