Make Sure Your Slot Car Stays on Track – A Quick Guide

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The concept of slot car racing revolves around driving it on a track and not resting on a shelf, regardless of whether you appreciate racing with others or not. The quality and speed of a race are controlled by several elements, including track conditions, your hardware, and your own elegant styles, such as slot car lighting and exterior.

This guide will give you a brief knowledge of the things you need to consider if you want to make your slot car stay on track!

  1. Clean your slot car to keep in running condition –

This is one of the most crucial things of slot car racing; yet overlooked by most. Hence, try to make and follow a cleaning plan for your mini-vehicle. Begin your routine by removing the car body, especially the slot car lightings, to externally investigate and clean all vehicle parts. Be sure to carefully analyze the chassis for any damage and note that the pickup shoes are perfectly working. Also, have a look at the wheel hubs to determine if they are running properly without scraping the bodywork. Rotate the tires regularly to avoid wear and tear from an excessive number of laps.

By cleaning the car and continuously replacing damaged parts, your car will last longer and perform better.

  1. Grease your slot car regularly –

While you carefully clean your car, accept the opportunity to grease the car’s engine and chassis. However, keep in mind not to use an excessive amount of oil as this will spill from the car parts, resulting in a mess on the track. Actually, a small drop is all you need in each area. Focus on each chassis axle bearing and use oil when they are not spinning. Have a look at the armature, examine if it is spinning well, and drop a bit of the oil in the front and rear motor end bells. Make this lubrication cycle part of your cleaning program; however, possibly apply oil when necessary as much needed.

  1. Take care of your pickup shoes –

Just like replacing your car’s rear tires, changing your pickup shoes can significantly improve your slot car’s performance at almost no cost to you. Most slot cars start with copper pickup shoes; however, you can replace those standard ones with gold plated for more capacity out of the car’s engine with a little more cash. With this small update, your mini-vehicle will see an increase of intensity, which will lead to an improved push speed.

  1. Focus your racing on one or two slot cars –

Perhaps the ideal approach to improving your slot car racing strategy is to choose a car to use and stick to that car only. You need to become more familiar and understand that specific car’s treatment to instinctively know how it will handle the track, turns, and your commands. If you switch back and forth between slot cars, you will often overlook your top options’ quirks and won’t carry on during races. You may need to get more familiar with two cars pretty well; that way, you’ll have a backup in case a breakdown or horrible show comes up one day.

The bottom line –

The points mentioned above are important to remember while racing your slot car to stay on track. Along with considering the slot car lighting and tires, these are things that can help you win any race easily.

However, also remember to practice! The more time you spend rehearsing your slot cars on a track, the more comfortable you will feel with each suspension.

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