Nine Essential Dog Accessories Every Dog Owner Should Possess

Owning a dog makes a person one of the happiest souls in the world. No matter how worst your day has been, but when you return back home, you always find your dog greeting at the doorstep, wagging his tail. A dog is a wonderful companion of human beings and is ever ready to protect and entertain its master. So, being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pup happy and fit with good food, long walks, and lots of games. Further, to ensure your dog’s comfortable and hygienic living, one must buy some vital dog accessories.

Nine Essential Dog Accessories Every Dog Owner Should Possess

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Essential dog accessories that every dog owner must own:

  • Dog body harness and leash: A dog harness is one of the vital dog accessories as it helps in reducing the excessive pressure that a collar will put forth around the dog’s neck. When a dog wearing a collar drags itself during a walking session, the impounding pressure could affect the dog’s normal breathing cycle. The harness used helps in even distribution of the pressure along the chest and backside of the dog’s body. A harness having two different connection points, one along the chest and other at the backside makes it easy for the owner to take control of the pet. Further, the dog also learns leash manners. In short, the dog learns to walk comfortably beside the owner and avoids pulls and drags.
  • Ear wipes: Dogs’ ears need to be regularly cleaned in order to maintain hygiene and avoid infections as it is a common tendency of dogs to shy away from ear cleaning procedures. The parent needs to have a lot of patience, in addition to having an ear cleaning kit. The ear cleaning kit contains ear wipes and ear oils. The ear wipe is used to wipe off the dirt, and wax from the opening of the ear and ear oil is used to prevent the growth of any infection.
  • Eye wipes: Eyes wipes are used to remove any clumps and tear stains formed below the eyes. The dog eye drops also help in preventing any infections in the eyes of the adorable canines. Further, smaller breeds of dogs are more prone to infections than the larger breeds of dogs.
  • Anti-tick powder: It provides a perfect flea control solution. The powder could be rubbed all over the dog’s body to avoid flea infestation, which is a common phenomenon during summer.
  • Paw butter: Dog’s paw pads are prone to drying and cracking as they walk over numerous surfaces. Paw butter serves as a moisture coating and soothes the rough paws. As in most cases, our adorable pups do not wear a bootie as we humans do. And walking over hot asphalt roads and rough terrain leads to unwanted damage to paws over a long duration. Massaging the paws with paw butter helps to restore the moisture and comfort the paws.
  • Water bottle: It is ideal for carrying a water bottle with your dog during the practice session. Further, long walks in hot weather could lead your dog to get dehydrated; hence, the water bottle could come handy.
  • Grooming gloves: It could be used to remove the slack hair from the furry coat of a dog that the canines feel difficult to shed off. Removal of slack hair from the fur makes the dogs look presentable.
  • Dog toothpaste and toothbrush: As a dog owner, it is vital to take care of your pet’s dental care. If dental hygiene is ignored, the canine may develop tooth pain, foul breath, gingivitis. One needs only a little stuff like a quality toothpaste, toothbrush and teeth wipe along with regular brushing to take care of your dog’s oral health.
  • LED pet collar: It comes very usefully when you are taking your pet for a walk during night hours. It provides a safe walking experience enabling the vehicles to notice your pet in the darkness and hence avoiding accidents. Further, an illuminating dog jacket helps in locating your dog when it is off the leash and also makes it cozy during cold climate.


Dogs are one of the most wonderful pets humans can ever have. However, dogs are also used in paramilitary troops as sniffers. Some of these adorable canines also serve as therapy dogs. When these lovely creatures are ever ready to serve you, it is your duty to ensure your pet gets the best ever accessories and diet.

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