Seven Things about PG in Whitefield You Have to Experience It Yourself

Staying in a PG can be convenient when you are shifting to a new location in search of a job. Finding PGs in the required area can be troublesome if you are new to the city. You must find the best PG in the area you want with the best services and facilities. Mainly, if you are looking for a comfortable stay with excellent necessary facilities in metro cities, it may be confusing. Known as the IT capital of India, Bangalore is a city that welcomes thousands of job seekers every year. With the best software companies in the city, Bangalore hosts the most extensive recruitment hiring for freshers in India. So, you need to find a suitable PG that is not only in the proximity of the required firm but also is well equipped.

Seven Things about PG in Whitefield You Have to Experience It Yourself

In recent times, ever since the increase of IT sectors in the country, Whitefield is now the hub of the Indian technological industry. Also, the International Tech Park Bangalore, popularly known as ITPL is situated in Whitefield, Bangalore. As a fresher or as an experienced worker, Whitefield is the first choice for switching jobs and finding a better one.

Thus, you may require a good PG where you can settle in for better growth with budget-friendly packages. There are numerous PGs in Whitefield that are available for you at an affordable cost. But, contextually, you cannot find everything in the way as told to you. Many things about PG in Whitefield have to be experienced by yourself.

Seven things about PG in Whitefield you have to experience it yourself

  • Security

As per the government rule, it is mandatory to install CCTV cameras on the premises of the ladies paying guests in Bangalore. Also, one security guard must be hired for every lady paying guest accommodation in the city. Although most of the PGs claim to abide by the rules and regulations, only some of them follow. It is vital to select your paying guest wisely to ensure safety. It is something that you have to experience yourself because safety frontiers can vary from person to person.

  • Food

Food is the most concerning issue for the people, especially if you are not a native of the state. It is interesting to know that around 90% of the paying guest accommodations are run by families who are native of Andhra Pradesh. So, while some can enjoy it, many may not like the food system of the PGs. Also, the quality and quantity of food is something that varies in different PGs. Eventually, food has been to experience on an individual level because mere words never anticipate the quality.

  • Transport facilities

Although around all the PGs claim to have the best location for you to get the transport facilities, that is not true. You may experience the problem of getting the transport facilities in PGs in Whitefield. Since transportation is not based on an individual’s choices, you have to find the best transport options suitable for yourself.

  • Cleanliness of the PG

At first, you may not find any issue in the cleanliness and hygiene of the place you step in. But eventually, the hygiene of the home and cleanliness of the PGs can be experienced to a better extent. It is something that you have to experience yourself because the issue may sometimes aggravate deliberately.

  • Functionality of the facilities.

Most of the PGs in Whitefield provide you with well-furnished rooms with TVs, wifi connectivity, and washing machines. Still, the services may not be working the same as was in the allotted time. The wifi connectivity can have some issues that can be left unsolved. So the functionality of the facilities has to be checked frequently.

  • Security Deposit

While you shift to other areas for your career requirements, you may face difficulty in getting back your security money. Many people complain about not getting their security amount while vacating a PG. This situation has to be dealt with properly so that you do not share a hassle with the people you stayed once. It is a personal experience and tends to exist in some PGs. Well, that would be something that you never want to experience yourself.

  • In-house surroundings

A great positive vibe is also necessary for a joyous experience while you stay in a PG. Far away from home and your family, you tend to seek another family in a new city. It becomes essential for you to find a place that suits your peace of mind. Nobody would want a PG that always shares a hassle environment between the paying guests. So, it is entirely over the personal opinion of the guests and the issues might need your experience for a collective solution.


In conclusion

While you find the best PG for yourself, some things cannot be explored in a short time. Eventually, you may get to know the different aspects of staying in a PG in Whitefield, and you have to experience it yourself. Thus, it is advised to select the PG wisely with great care. You must stay safe and happy in your corporate life, away from your family.

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