Stay Safe from Shocks with the Anti-Vibration Isolation Pads

A vibration isolation pad can effectively and economically control the structure-borne noise resonant shock waves. It is made up of an effective rubber isolation medium that reduces noise and vibrational impact from different machinery. Practically, in places where there are generators placed and due to some unbalanced forces, unwanted vibrations may occur. Now contextually, if the frequency generated approaches the natural rate, it would lead to vast destruction. The anti-vibration pads are designed in such a way that it reduces the risk of the devastating effect of vibration. It protects your devices effectively.

Many vibration isolation pads are available in the market. But trusting a well-designed, and appropriate isolation module is vital for a safer lifestyle. So, you must buy the best range of isolation pads in economical pricing.

vibration isolation pads

From where should you buy?

  • Super Soundproofing offers you the complete range of anti-vibration isolation pads that help you stay safe. Promising high efficiency in our products, the company provides authenticated products for you at an affordable price. The products from Super Soundproofing are appropriately best in the current market.
  • We have been designing the pads efficiently with high-quality rubber polymers and cork materials. Our anti-vibration isolation pads are highly resistant to oil, ageing, water and contaminants.
  • We offer an extensive range of vibration pads in different options of robust cross-ribbed design. There are also various options for cork centres with varied thickness.

Where can the anti-vibration isolation pads be used?

  • With the all-new emerging ways in heavy machinery, the anti-vibration pads find its application in different construction and manufacturing units. It is extensively used in reducing noise and vibrations produced by construction equipment. The pads are also used for providing a solid floor footing.
  • The product is massively purchased in the following various fields.
  • Military/Defence: The defence unit of any domain, it becomes necessary to install the precautionary measures from various shocks that may arise. Manufacturing in defence departments involves heavy machinery that has the risk of electric fluctuations and major electric shocks. The anti-vibration isolation pad helps reduce the risk efficiently.
  • Power Generation: Power generation involves different other sources for the production of electrical power. The pads find extensive usability in these sectors.
  • Industrial Machinery: Various parameters can cause heavy machinery to fluctuate it from being regularly working. The industrial sector employs heavy machines that risk destruction at the highest.
  • Small Motors/Pumps/Compressors: There are many furnaces and pump houses in any manufacturing industry. The blower and pump houses of many firms incorporate the large compressors. So, the anti-vibration pads can reduce the risk of life if met with unfavourable conditions at work.

The other application areas can be,

  • Test Equipment
  • Radiators
  • Off-Highway/Construction
  • Large Motors/Pumps/Compressors
  • Electronics
  • Diesel Engine Applications
  • HVAC

How can anti-vibration isolation pads help in your daily life?

The Super Soundproofing anti-vibration isolation pads are the best solution to control the sound and noise vibration of the machines. If at home, you may have washers, refrigerators, generators, dryers, etc. You must stay safe even if there are varied fluctuations in these machineries. The vibration isolation pads provide the best cost-effective method for all your problems.

Why buy from Super Soundproofing?

If you want to buy the best products for anti-vibration isolation pads, then you are stopped at the correct place. Our products are highly efficient with excellent functionality at an affordable price range.

  • The isolation pads get constructed with varied rib heights and cross-ribbed design. It comes with a cork centre for additional efficient sound isolation.
  • The durometer of these pads is 60 on the “A” scale, which is the best range available in the market.
  • The maximum loading capacity of each cork centre pad is 50 pounds per square inch.
  • Our vibration isolation pads can be stacked for increased isolation and better capacity.

In conclusion

If any of your machines seems noisy or produces shocks frequently, buy the best vibration isolation pads with us. We guarantee the authenticity and credibility of our products. Reduce the risk of sound and vibration with our extensive range of products at an affordable price.
Place your order with us now and ensure you lead a safer life.

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