Suffering from Painful Oral Conditions: Walk-in Dentist in Charlotte NC

Many tooth problems may lead to severe pain in gums and unhealthy cavities. As a healthy practice, one is advised to visit the dentist every six months. But because of the now-declared pandemic of COVID-19, it seems relatively difficult to revert to a healthy life. While many tooth problems can wait for their treatment, dental emergencies cannot be ignored.

It is believed that one should visit a dentist only when in pain or due to some cavities. Well, one may be missing a bigger picture of the situation. Unhealthy gums, tooth decay, and cavities are more dangerous when left un-operated.

Suffering from Painful Oral Conditions: Walk-in Dentist in Charlotte NC

9-signs to see an emergency dentist

  • Pain or swelling in the mouth: Pain or swelling can have several oral complications and need to be dealt with efficiently.
  • If the gums seem to be acting up: If the gums bleed while brushing or flossing, then this may be a sign of the unhealthy oral condition. It’s time to make a dentist appointment.
  • Trying to hide the natural smile: Whether dealing with a missing tooth or intentionally hoping for a brighter smile, one may want to see the dentist for it.
  • Fillings and crowns: There may be people who recently had fillings, crowns, dentures, or dental implants; it might be the time to consult the dentist at the earliest.
  • Generally, the oral problems escalate with underlying conditions of other health diseases. If one is suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular complications, it is not advised to wait for the situation to worsen.
  • Difficulty in swallowing and chewing food is another sign that the teeth need treatment.
  • One can also experience a dry mouth, and having a constant feeling of parched mouth can signify some medical issues or some medication side effects.
  • If one is suffering from severe jaw pain while opening or closing the mouth, that may be enough to consult the dentist at the earliest.
  • Having sores and spots in the mouth may be a sign of some oral medication side effects. It can be cold sores or canker sores. While they can vary in severity and causes, it is better to see an emergency dentist in Charlotte NC.
It is always better that people get the treatment before the conditions worsen. And interestingly, the oral problems may seem small but have aggressive pain that even aggravates other underlying conditions.

Emergency dentist in Charlotte NC


The Charlotte Emergency Dentist has a well-trained team of experienced doctors and is led by Dr. Raghav Sundaresh. They ensure to provide the best possible dental care in Charlotte for their valued patients. Employing the latest dental technique in all treatments, one can find the best dental solutions here. The team also ensures that one can get the required treatment in a friendly approach with the best treatment solutions.
People may want to see an emergency dentist in Charlotte NC for themselves or their children for various oral conditions. At Charlotte Emergency Dentist, the practice is centered around patients’ comfort, and they provide the best quality dental care in a caring and professional manner. Convenient in the neighborhood, one can find them with much ease with the modern amenities that are expected out of advanced dentistry. While people consult the emergency dentist in Charlotte, NC, they can also sign up for online check-in and paperless registration. The place is also equipped with ceiling-mounted TVs, free wifi, warm post-up towels, wireless headphones, and advanced facilities for online bill payments.

How can the emergency dentist in Charlotte NC help?

  • Wish to have straighter teeth

The Charlotte Emergency Dentist helps to achieve this with fewer efforts and delivers a stunning smile to the patients’  life. With the latest and advanced treatment facilities, they prefer Invisalign as a technique to help the teeth get straighter.

  • Facing any dental emergency

Dr. Raghav Sundaresh, in Charlotte, NC, provides the best guidance over dental emergency services. The team of experienced doctors under his direction gives the best dental solutions for any oral emergency that anyone needs.

  • More comfortable smile

Having a painful oral history can also influence the patient’s present dental problems if some were left untreated. One can consult the best emergency dentist in Charlotte, NC, and get treated with all oral problems effectively. The doctors also offer one of the best affordable cosmetic surgery dentistry options that would help to recover from the oral conditions with a carefree original smile.

Services that patients may require

  • Tooth replacement

The cavities can be painful. It may require tooth filling or entire tooth replacement for good oral health. One can get the best emergency treatment in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Sundaresh’s expertise in restorative dentistry allows him to come up with the most effective solutions.

  • Dental Emergencies

One can get treated with all kinds of dental emergencies in the Charlotte Emergency Dentist. Whether worried about crowded teeth, wisdom teeth, or extra teeth, one can find the best treatment at an affordable price here.

  • Treatment with the Advanced technologies

The emergency dentist in Charlotte is equipped with advanced technologies that help for faster and effective dental treatments. The technologies are proven to deliver the finest experience to their patients.

In conclusion

Gone are the days when one used to wait for months to get the severe oral conditions treated effectively. Now one can schedule an appointment online or over the call. Amidst the COVID-19 situation, the Charlotte Emergency Dentist is open with the usual timings. One can book an appointment now and get treated with dental problems at the earliest.

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