The Smell Of Fresh Flowers On A Weekly Basis

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut flowers in your living room or kitchen as you enter your home. If you have a desire for beautiful, fresh flowers that are delivered to your home or place of work at regular intervals that suit your needs (whether weekly or monthly) there are ways in which you can do so. There are a number of flower subscription box options that provide you with stunning, bespoke flower arrangements direct to your home.

Once you have decided to subscribe to a flower subscription box, what are the benefits you can look forward to? Having fresh flowers in your home every week will help to rejuvenate your living space.

Enhance Your Mood – Bright flowers, made into a freshly cut bouquet, immediately help to enhance your mood. It raises spirits and for those people who have flowers in their home at all times, they are less likely to dwell on worries and to suffer long periods of anxiety or depression.

Utilise as a Decorating Function – If you worry that your home has become a little stale and lacking in colour, it doesn’t have to cost you the earth to refresh the living space. Instead of reaching for your savings and buying new furniture and redecorating the living room, kitchen or bedroom, why not first play around with different types of flowers. It brings plenty of life and colour to your home and the chance for a new décor each season.

Trigger Your Senses – Your sense of smell is so powerful and it can help to trigger memories and emotions that you might otherwise lose. If you have specific memories that you are reminded of by specific flowers, a regular bouquet as the centrepiece of your home can help to take you back to that happy moment.

Become More Creative and Spontaneous – There are mental health benefits to having fresh flowers in the home also. It has been shown in studies that fresh flowers help to stimulate creativity and increase concentration levels. So if you are bored at work and struggling to focus and be as productive as you should be, flowers can help get you out of the rut. Equally, placing fresh flowers or plants in a child’s bedroom helps them to engage the creative side of their brain and explore their imagination.

Subscribing to a regular flower box set, delivered straight to your door, provide you with the perfect option for adding beauty and an elegant aesthetic to your interior décor at home. It’s easy to set up a scheme such as that, setting your preferences in terms of the flowers you like, how often you’d like to receive flowers and also offers you the chance to have beautiful flowers delivered for special occasions and events, such as Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter and family birthdays. It is a joyous way to bring some colour and life to your home on a regular basis, whilst providing a spark to creativity and offering a warm welcome to guests.


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