SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. By the full form of SEO, you got the idea that it is something related to searching and by optimization is that how you can give your best but what actually SEO is. You know it? If no then SEO is basically a process through which we increase the use of internet by optimizing the web in many different ways that look attractive to the web users in web search engine. Whatever they search, they found all the complete stuff about that topic and get attracted by the web. If user found our web attractive then the followers on the web is increased day by day, all these can be done by technique of optimizing.


SEO started by the webmaster and content provider in the period of 1990s. In the beginning, the process of SEO is very slow, the webmasters only capable of submission of address like URL and HTML and it take a lot a time to address in the particular web. Then it comes to indexing that extract all the information each and every word written on that page which include words, links,and weight of the words on that page, but all these are done after taking a lot of time.

After that, the SEO came accurately in the era of 1997. Sullivan mention the name of Bruce Clay for spreading that name of SEO. Jason Gambert use his efforts to provide the tag to SEO by providing the authentic statement to one of the trademark office at Arizona on 2nd MAY 2017. Like this many webmaster use their efforts for the efficiency of web and now we have google due to which the followers of net user increase in the enormous amount. The Larry Page and Sergey Brin found Google in 1998.The designing of Google is very simple. At the beginning, the Google come in the same design but then a mind-blowing innovation is done in the google that is when there is an important date of history come the outlook of google show that date by many different design that also attract the users. The design is not always remains the same every important date of the history have some different and attractive catalog that always inspire the user.

Like this, there is more need to do optimizing in the web due to which more people attracted and the number of follower’s increases. So what innovation do in SEO in the coming year 2018? Let us have a look on that innovation that boost up the number of internet users.

SEO IN 2018:

SEO should added many inviting ideas which gain the number of users. Now the SEO work on the google to make it more magnetic for the people. Now here let me clear you one thing that after acted upon the following ideas SEO will be something interesting in 2018. The scenario in which SEO is operating can be made more advanced if some changes can be made. Let us have a look:


Rank brain is the searching system that rank the searching material. It is something through which google rank the results according to the need of the user that how the user interact with the user prefers the internet and what type of material. This thing can be done by, if a user write a particular topic for searching and google search all the related stuff about that topic then the quickly read the title of the search result then rush to that option if the heading is related to their search topic. After rush to that topic the user cannot find the interesting material that cannot full fill the need of the user that it actually want and the user find it terrible. Then the user go back to the search result and use the next option assume that it is number 4 searched result and in that result the user find the material according to their interest. All these information are recorded in the rank brain of the google and google ranked that 4 searched result at the place of first searched result.

Therefore, the brain rank is actually focusing on the two things that is dwell time and click through rate.

Dwell time is not the common word for everyone. What is dwell time?

Dell time is the duration that how long does the searcher spend on the page. From the research, it is found that when someone open their searched page and then explore that page and when they move back then the time for that whole operation,not more than 11 minutes. It is very clear that if you spend more time on one thing your likeness towards that thing become more and more so it is necessary that the dwell time should be improve.

Next, come to the click-through rate. CTR is the ranking of the related search that the most searched content appears on the top lost. Sometime it might happen that some of the pages ranked very high then it deserve. It is one of the innovative idea that the searcher open particular page many times appears on the top of the page like this there are many pages and according to their searching need, it should be ranked. Therefore, this CTR should be improve.


If the users search any topic then they are expecting to get all the useful information about their topic in detail so that they can easily understand the topic. To fulfill that requirement of the user there should be comprehensive part of every topic in depth, which provide the soothing effect to the user. This can only be done by providing a great amount of information about the related topic, which includes pictures, graphs, histogram etc. Pictures always play a major part to attract the people and graphs always made the presentation of the content very interesting and things become clear to the user. Content should be quality and unique (Plagiarism free) . Plagiarised content is something which is copied by someone else work. Webmasters have tool named Plagiarism checker to check the uniqueness of the content before uploading. There is also a simple trick to do enhancement in the comprehension that for a particular topic there should be not less than 2500 words. 2500 is such a big number. In this way, the goal of comprehensive in depth is achieve.


From the research of the previous year, it is found that majority of the population is move toward indexing of mobile. There is no doubt that the use of Google on the desktop is very easy and on the big screen of desktop all the information appear easily and it is convenient to read the all content by a single click on desktop. But as the technology increased and the people make use of new technology that is smartphone then they found it more convenient to use Google on their mobile phones. The screen of the mobile phones or tables is small as compare to the laptops and the computers and when users start searching on their phones they usually missed the lot of information because of the small screen. Sometimes the google gives the “read more” that become more difficult for the user to open it and because of the touch screen of the smartphones one wrong touch destroy all your searched information which become a great headache for the user and they found a great trouble of operating. Their changes should be made due to which user will use google on their mobile phones easily and all the information related to their content appear on the screen of the user’s mobile phones.


Majority of the people inspite of reading prefer watching. Things can be understand more easily if you are watching. According to the research, it is found that the online videos make up more than 70 percent online videos in the next 3 years, which is still, not satisfies the need of the people. Users want to see their search results in the form of videos

YouTube is the second largest video search engine. On YouTube, you can get each and everything according to your need. As related to the previous search, it is found that the people spend more time on YouTube, which is increased by 60 percent. The result sum up that nowadays people use YouTube more as compare to google because on google they found the reading stuff while on YouTube they easily get their topic in video form through which they easily understand their topics within a short time. This is because on google there is a lot of reading stuff, which consumes a more time of user while on YouTube user, understand the same searched thing within short duration and more clear as compare to Google. Since the more enhancement can be made from SEO in the next year which can only be done by initiating and itemizing material individually for YouTube. Therefore it is necessary to publish SEO optimized YouTube videos.

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