Tips to Ace Your Motorcycle Riding Test: Tricks That Actually Works

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of freedom and independence that you get from riding a motorcycle on the road. The ecstatic feeling of the air touching your face, the sound of a powerful engine, and the excitement of an open road are just some of the aspects that make your motorcycle ride a valuable experience.

motorcycle riding test

However, before you start riding a motorcycle on the road, you need to get a motorcycle license to be a lawful rider. For this, you need to pass a motorcycle riding test.

Motorcycle riding tests are organized to ensure the complete safety of the rider as well as those who are on the road. The authorized personnel evaluate the skills of the motorcyclist to balance and ride the bike.

The main issue is that passing a motorcycle riding test is not that easy. Hence, we have mentioned a few tips and tricks that actually work to easily get your license.

motorcycle riding test

Select a smaller bike for the test

Unless you have a lot of experience and practice riding a large motorcycle, it is always recommended to go for a smaller bike, which is easier for you to handle. Since the motorcycle riding test will evaluate your skills by making you weave through cones or do some other challenges, opting for a smaller motorcycle will increase your comfort level while undergoing these tests.

The simple words, the smaller the bike is, the easier it will be for you to crack the riding test.

Mug up the road signs

This may be a no-brainer for you, but do not skip the basics. Most often, even the experienced riders tend to forget the road signs which are asked in the motorcycle riding test. So try to avoid adding another item of mess and confusion by just brushing up on the road signs before you get ready for your riding test.

Check your motorcycle

One of the prime aspects of the motorcycle riding test is that it requires you to signal and then turn. If your signal lights are out, then the entire process gets a little bit trickier. Hence, make sure to check your motorcycle lights as well as the other parts before you go for the test.


You may think that you are ready for anything when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Though, that is not the case every time. Only if you are an expert rider, some basic things might not elude you from your brain when you are nervous during the motorcycle riding test. Therefore, make a point to be an expert in all aspects of riding and practice as much as you can.

Motorcycle riding course

Before you are up for a riding test, you need to get enrolled in a motorcycle riding course to know how to write a motorcycle and how to balance it. The course will help you go through the basic concepts of safe riding and how to ace your skills in a short time. Since you might be asked to go through secluded locations during the test, the course will give you an insight into the expertise that can help you to pass the examination.

Get correctly dressed for the test

It would be the least preferred thing if you go for a safety riding test and forget the appropriate gears that you need to ensure your complete protection. For instance, since the examiner will give you the instructions through ear-buds, it is a smart choice to carry a full-face helmet to properly secure the hearing device.

For other safety gears, make sure that you comply with your provincial regulations that are meant for motorcycle riding tests.

Turn off your cell phone

Answering any phone call during your motorcycle cycle riding test is not just illegal, but it also shows your facetious attitude towards the evaluation examination. Such behavior can surely increase your chances of failing the writing test. So it is the best option to turn off your phone and leave it at home so that you are not distracted by any calls.


The best trick to pass your motorcycle riding test is to be calm, as it lessens the chances of making mistakes. We understand the fact that it is impossible to anticipate how your nerves will handle, but you need to try your best to relax. Just take a few deep breaths before you are called for the examination.

Keep your eyes on the road

Always remember to briefly check the mirrors and speedometer during your motorcycle riding test. However, that does not mean that you will skip the fact that you have to keep an eye on the road. Always check what is in front of and around you so that you can always be ready to react to any circumstance.

Maintain the speed limit

It is seen that many riders get carried away on the freeway, leaving the examiner too far behind. But make sure that is not what you do in your motorcycle riding test. Make sure to slow down whenever it is needed so that your evaluator can understand your knowledge, skills, and expertise in safe riding.

The conclusion:

Riding a motorcycle is the most exhilarating way of traveling from one place to another. But that does not mean that you will not follow any safety measures to ensure your protection as well as those who are on the road. This is the reason why every province has a motorcycle riding test for Riders to get a legal license. You will only be a lawful rider when you pass this riding examination. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, the above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you pass your motorcycle riding test in the best possible way.

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