Tips to Consider before Buying Women’s Rain Boots

What would be worst than heading towards your office and getting your feet soaked in a puddle and whole remaining day with the water soaked socks and boot on feet? It gives an uneasy damp feeling, which makes it almost unbearable to focus on work.
Hence Rain boots must-have accessories in any wardrobe. Further, rain boots come in a wide range of colors, prints, and patterns. Hence one has plenty of options to choose from without being bored. 
Many companies manufacture rain boots for women, and it is really difficult to select just one pair of rain boots while there are many enticing options available in the market.

Tips to Consider before Buying Women’s Rain Boots

Right Sized Rain Boot:

  • At the foot level: The first thing to keep in mind is that there is sufficient space at the tip level so that the toes comfortably move. The heel portion of the shoes should easily lift without hurting. But the boot should not slam while walking else the boot is too large. Further, it is important to check whether there is ample space to wear the socks inside the boots. It is important especially important during the cold and rainy season when an additional layer of insulation is required. 
  • Calf level: A classic rain boot is tall enough and sits high on the leg. Hence it is vital to know about the width of the calf. The rubber being a rigid material could hurt you hence ensures the opening of the calf is wide enough so that your leg could slip in easily even with pants. 
  • Flexibility: As rubber is not the most flexible material; hence, it is advised to opt for a rain boot with the relatively softer sole. It will help in long walks and quicker strides without hurting you.
  • Insulation: Rain boots are ideal to be worn all year long irrespective of rain showers. In summer a 100% rubber crafted rain boot will work if you love jumping across puddles. While on the other end on soggy autumn days and sudden spring showers, an insulated boot is ideal. Boots that come with lining not only ensure a better thermal capacity but are also comfy to wear.

Factors to consider before buying rain boots:

  • Style: It is ideal to focus on style while choosing your rain boot only when you wear shoes occasionally or on a special day. However, it cannot be ruled out that style, along with comfort, makes a perfect combo.
  • Weather: Another important factor to be considered is the weather or the climatic conditions you live before buying the rain boots. While if you are staying in the cool temperate region, it is ideal to prefer a boot where you can wear an additional pair of socks to keep you warm.
  • Traction: It is ideal for maintaining traction while walking in wet surfaces. Hence you should check the bottom of the outsole while buying the boots. A shallower set of lugs are ideal for walking in concrete, smooth, pavements, tiles and in short, is ideal for Urban areas.  The outsoles with deep lugs are ideal for walking in rough terrain and uneven and unstable surfaces like trails, mud, grass, and rock.

How to maintain your rain boots:

  • Exterior: In a spray bottle mix water and dish liquid. Shake the mixture well after closing the bottle. Spray the solution on the exterior of your rain boots while avoiding the interior. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes and break the dirt down. Wipe off the dirt using a rag.Ensure to start from the top and move towards the bottom. Clean the soles of the boots using a scrub brush and water. Dry up the boots using a clean rag. Be cautious, and air dry your shoes rather than placing them under sunlight or exposing the shoes to the dryer. The reason being heat can dry and age the rubber and result in shrinking or deformation of rubber.
  • Interior:  Rain boots are impermeable, and if you do not wear socks, it could result in moisture inside the boots due to sweating. Else you will be sloshing around all day and may return with foot fungus. To absorb the moisture from the interior of the shoes, stuff the interior of your rain boots with a bunch of newspaper.  Once the newspapers fully absorb the moisture then gently remove the stuff of the newspaper from inside of your shoes. To remove the foul odor from your rain boots, you can slightly spray mist vinegar and water into the boot. Then wipe the interior off with a cloth, especially clean the heel and the region. Let the boot air dry in a cool place for about 24 to 48 hours.

Hints and Tricks:

  • Never leave your wet socks inside the boots. The reason being it leads in the formation of molds and mildews inside your boots.
  • Never let your rain boots dry out in the sun or expose it to heat else it leads to aging of the rubber. 


Rain boots are carved out of rubber, which is one of the most durable materials. It is for sure that the rain boot you buy will last almost for a lifetime until you get bored of and dispose of it. Rain boots are available in plenty of designs, patterns, and styles and suit almost all outfits. One can carry an ankle length rain boot with a nice pair of denim while heading towards office. Similarly, one could pair it with a chic skirt while in a party mood.
Further many people buy rain boots depending upon their lifestyle, and region where one lives.

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