Top 3 Email Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a huge deal when it comes to digital marketing.

After all.

What’s better than making sales as a digital marketer? Making even more sales by utilizing followups and broadcasts via email marketing. So what exactly are you going to discover in this quick post? Be sure to keep reading to find out.

Top 3 Email Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

IMAGE HERE Here we are going to look at three astonishing email marketing tools that you can try out… Along with also some of the benefits of each. Oh and one more thing? They all come with free trials too (so you can test drive them before spending any money). Let’s get right on into it and start with number one.


This was the first email marketing tool I ever used (which means they have been around forever). That’s a good thing, though. Because ever since they first launched they have been working on improvements to their platform. Helpful features of Aweber include:

  • Tagging.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Drag and drop builder.
  • Email automation (set it and forget it mode).
  • Split testing (subject lines, send times, email content, etc).

And there’s much more where that came from, too. Given the fact that they have been forever and come with a free 30-day trial? They are certainly an email marketing tool that you might want to take a look at. Onto the next email marketing platform.


If you love a little more customization and advanced tools? Then ConvertKit is going to be perfect for you (and many other digital marketers out there). Before we jump into the features though, here is a very quick demo from ConvertKit themselves:


Now here are some of the main features when it comes to ConvertKit:

  • Broadcasts.
  • Landing pages (so yes, it does more than just email).
  • Sequences (which are personalized automated emails).

And you can’t forget about the automation feature itself. What automation allows you to do is:

  • Build custom paths, events, actions, and conditions.

So if someone doesn’t open an important email? Send it to them again tomorrow. Or if someone doesn’t make a purchase yet? Send them another followup tomorrow to help make the sale. It’s totally customizable, and this is one of those features that many people love. At the end of the day, they are another solid choice (and also come along with a free trial too). They often get compared to other autoresponders and still come up as the winner.

  • Example battle of 2 email marketing tools.

Now. Let’s move onto the third and final email marketing tool (which you might be familiar with).


This is yet another tool that has been around for a while, and have made very big improvements to their platform. If you love simplicity, then GetResponse will most likely be for you. After all? Getting up and running with autoresponders or email broadcasts is quick and easy. Here is a great explainer video (from GetResponse) about what they have to offer:


Now here’s what else GetResponse has to offer:

  • Autofunnels (which is a ready-made lead and sales generation machine).
  • Landing pages (which, once again, allow you to collect leads into GetResponse).
  • And you can’t forget about webinars (which are great for selling high ticket items).

While GetResponse is super simple to use, by adding all these new additions to their platform certainly takes away some attention to what they do best: allowing you to send broadcasts and autoresponder messages. Regardless? They are an excellent choice for digital marketers and also come with a totally free 30-day trial. Not too shabby right? So let’s wrap this post up now.


So there you have it. 3 top email marketing tools that you can test out, free of charge. If I had to rate them in terms of my favorites, it would go like this:

  1. GetResponse.
  2. ConvertKit.
  3. And then of course Aweber.

You can’t go wrong with any of them though. And one more thing before I finish. In case you’re wondering why MailChimp wasn’t on the list, it’s because they don’t allow affiliate marketing. Since many digital marketers do affiliate marketing, I didn’t want you to have to waste any time with that.


Thanks again for stopping by and reading.

Please let me know down below which email marketing tool is your favorite as a digital marketer.

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