Top 5 Reasons People Divorce

With a national divorce rate than has hovered just below the 50 percent mark for decades, it’s not surprising that many adults go through the process at least once during their life. Just as there have been millions of divorces filed in the country over the last few decades, there are also many different reasons that spouses cite as the real cause of the falling out. While every relationship has unique properties and circumstances, a large portion of marriages end because of one of these five common reasons.

Not Mature Enough

Recent data released by Austin Institute shows that many spouses cite their partner’s lack of maturity as a primary cause of their divorce. While this is a relatively general complaint, it is often targeted at the individual’s lack of preparation or commitment to the relationship. While women are reported to cite this reason in family law cases and hearings more than men, it is a common complaint from both genders.

Sexual Infidelity

The same study also shows that one or both partners cheating on the other is a leading contributor to the national divorce rate. Establishing the facts regarding infidelity is important to a spouse’s divorce attorney, as it can be used to leverage their case in court. While most complaints of cheating are aimed at the other spouse, a significant number of divorced individuals said that their own infidelity was the primary cause of the separation.

Unresponsive to Needs

For many people, one of the key aspects of marriage is forming a close bond with another person that mutually addresses the needs of both people. One of the most common reasons given during divorce proceedings is that the person’s spouse was unable or unwilling to meet their needs. This complaint can originate from any area of the relationship, from romantic desires to taking care of household responsibilities.

Incompatible Personalities

In a survey of over 800 divorcing parents in Minnesota, researchers found over half of the participants reported an inability to communicate or growth in different directions as a primary cause of their divorce. People certainly change over time and the relationship can change with them, sometimes with profound consequences on the future of the marriage. Frustration over lack of mental and intellectual connections through conversation continues to be one of the main reasons spouses start seeking the advice of a divorce attorney.

Emotional Abuse

While money problems and other sources of stress can put both spouses on edge, some people end up venting their frustration on their partner in a malicious way. Spouses often tolerate verbal and emotional manipulation for a while, but many decide to end their marriage once it becomes a standard behavior. As one of the most common complaints by divorced men and women, emotional abuse is a serious problem in marriages throughout the country. Family law cases often favor a party if they can prove they were treated in a malicious or damaging way, so it’s important to develop a strong case if abuse was a factor.

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