Top Eight Tips to Consider When Buying Quality Used Auto Parts

Top Eight Tips to Consider When Buying Quality Used Auto Parts

The automobile is no more a piece of luxury in today’s harried world but has become a piece of necessity. Whether you want to go out for a weekend adventure with your beloved ones having a personal vehicle adds up to the excitement. Similarly, you won’t have to wait for an ambulance if you want to rush someone in your family to the hospital. It is one top reason why the car owners maintain their cars in perfect condition adhering to all maintenance schedules. Adhering to regular maintenance schedules will help know which auto part needs replacement from time to time.
It is often confusing for a car owner to decide whether to buy brand new auto parts or buy reliable used auto parts.
Brand new auto parts will no doubt give an ultimate level of performance, but they come at much higher prices and will cause a dent in your pockets.
While on buying quality used auto parts, you will not only save on money but also get better mileage on your vehicle.
So if you are looking for used auto parts in Indiana, you are lucky enough. The reason being there are many genuine stores selling quality used auto parts in Indiana.

Tips to consider before buying used auto parts

  • Where to buy used auto parts: The key to getting quality used auto parts is by finding the right retailer. One can get the perfect piece of auto part by searching online or by visiting auto parts store or by visiting salvage yards. No matter where you search for the auto part, it is always better to do some price comparison. Research about the auto part you need and the price difference between the used auto part and brand new part. The problem with online retailers selling used auto parts is that quite often they take poor photographs of the parts. Hence do not hesitate and ask as many questions as you want.
  • Be sure about the ID of the part: Regardless of whichever used the auto part you need and no matter how much common it appears. One has to be sure of the vehicle identification number (VIN) and chassis number. If you are unable to identify the VIN, then bring it to the nearest used auto part stores, then browse for the part online.
  • History of Used Auto parts: Do not just blindly buy the used auto part to get a potato at the end. Although a used auto part may look perfect cosmetically it could have hidden cracks, defect and may fail to perform as desired. Hence ask the seller the mileage that the auto part offers and whether it has been rebuilt, modified or repaired. If the seller fails to answer the questions correctly, then it is an indication of a red flag.
  • Check for return Policy: Always avoid the risk of buying a used auto part without the seller offering return policy on it. No amount of money is worth investing in getting stuck with a broken part. Always read the return policy thoroughly and look for any hidden clauses, exceptions, and exclusions. Quite often the sellers offer short term return policy covering only thirty days. Be careful while purchasing any used auto part online since many online retailers charge hefty restocking fees on products that are returned.
  • Check-in case of Style clash: Whenever you are buying used auto parts that will fit into the exterior of your car, do not forget to look into the aesthetics aspect. Suppose you are buying a headlight, door or a bumper the color and style should match with the car’s existing pattern. Else any mismatch in color and design aesthetics will make the car an eye-sore.
  • Check out for Fakes: There are many counterfeit products available in the market. Quite often, online retailers sell fake used auto parts. Although you may find the VIN matching still the parts are significantly weaker, lower quality and shows low performance as compared to the authentic ones. Well, one can identify the fake ones by doing a few checks like misprinted words and botched logos.
  • Warranty: Always ask for warranties on the car parts you are buying. Nowadays even the salvage yards provide warranties on the used auto parts sold. Always read the terms and conditions that come in the warranty coverage. Many times the online buyers include some inconvenient catches in the warranty card hence read it stipulations thoroughly.
  • Avoid big Franchises: When you are in the hunt for your used auto part, it is advised to avoid the big brands. The reason being such stores will charge you extra as they need to cover the overhead cost of their business. Further, the parts stocked by them don’t need to be of the best quality. The big brands are often into money-making industries while the local stores may charge you less for the same part.


Buying used auto parts come with lots of benefits. Used auto parts cost lesser than the brand new auto parts. Further used auto parts are the only rescue when you want a part for your decade’s old vehicle. The reason being many companies outsource the production of car parts to a third party, and it is difficult to find a brand new one of the same make and model.

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