Top Ten Things To Do In New Orleans

There are several points of attractions and exotic places to visit while in New Orleans. The determining factors of interest, however, being the visitors need regarding exploring. However, the essence of nature, exotic artistic expressions in the way of constructions or important landmarks and cultural practices in New Orleans can be a breakthrough when identifying the places to visit or the things to do while in the state. On this regard, therefore, this article breaks down the top ten things to do when in New Orleans that can be fulfilling as well as inclusive for a visit in the state. For starters, lovers of artistic expression can visit the Jackson Square in the French Quarter where they can paint and draw and sell their pictures. Also, the New Orleans Museum of Art can be a resourceful destination with art exhibits. Those that love Jazz and music, Bourbon Street, preservation hall, as well as the Frenchmen streets, are the places to visit.

Lovers of nature can visit the Audubon Park where Oak trees and jogging paths are abundant. Also, the Audubon Butterfly Garden has a kid-friendly museum where insect exhibits can be observed by the family. For lovers of old decors and architectural buildings, the 1850 House can be the perfect destination. Also, the St. Louis Cathedral, being among the tallest and oldest buildings in the state is a molar tourist attraction. For lovers of history especially about the civil war, the Confederate Memorial Hall is the perfect destination. Also, the Old Ursuline convent can be educative about the French colonial convent. If searching for a destination where one can celebrate local history and culture, the Backstreet cultural museum is a proper destination. The Lake Pontchartrain offers a unique destination for tourists seeking lifetime adventures with lakes, beaches and famous lighthouses available.

The City Park in New Orleans, Louisiana is a major tourist’s attraction site. It offers an expansive area with recreation sites and attractions such as exotic gardens and kid sections which are ideal for a family outdoor fun. Also, people seeking to enjoy the expansive world of books and crafts and rare items, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art is his right destination located in the central business district close to the Lee Circle. However, for lovers of food and drinks, especially coffee lovers the Café Du Monde house in New Orleans can be the best option. Also for shopping the Magazine street is the perfect stop for any shopper new in New Orleans.

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