Wall Clocks Styles That You Should Choose For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom can never look complete without a stylish wall clock that reflects your persona. From the moment you open your eyes till you get to your bed, you’ve got to have one eye on the wall clock. These clocks are not just an extremely functional piece, but it also enhances the look of your room. Placing a clock above your bed or between your wardrobes is an excellent way to channel the fun spirit and bring life to void and unfurnished walls with an impeccable finishing touch to the overall theme.

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While the digital world uses a watch and phone to check the time, nothing can be compared with the beauty of a striking wall clock to fit as home decor.

This is why we have made a list of various modern designs of wall clocks that you can buy to enhance the look of your bedroom. From industrial-chic creations to classic pieces, choose the design that suits your style best.

Look for classic contemporary design –

Nothing can create a better and more captivating impact than a contemporary classic wall clock. These trendy timekeepers have classic and stylish looks with little touches of luxury. With a clean design, a contemporary classic wall clock does the trick by keeping a minimalistic appearance yet with a premium feel. For those who want to bring some glare to their empty and boring wall, these wall clocks work the best.

For a more artistic aspect, if the clock is placed above your bed, add some beautiful velvet-look cushions and headboards, or supplement a bedside lamp near the clock.

Opting for unusual is the new trend –

Choose some unique designs for your wall clock and give an edge to your bedroom over others. Get an eccentric clock to double up the features of the clock, along with anchoring the tone and feel of the room. Some of the most popular wall clock designs with unorthodox shapes are the heart design and star and oval shapes. You can prefer an oval-shaped clock when you want to append a sense of height to the room.

Asymmetric shapes are also an extremely good choice as they are eye-catching, and you cannot get enough of it. Also, clocks featuring roman-numerals give a unique touch with an elegant feel that looks classic and charming.

Go for a multicolored wooden clock for a vibrant vibe –

With a multicolored wooden wall clock, you let your bare walls have an artistic element that shows you the time in the most captivating way. Colorful wooden clocks are mostly handpainted with bright hues and beautiful patterns to introduce vibrancy and lively touch to the room. Perfectly kitsch, these kinds of clocks are an excellent approach to spice up a boring wall.

Try a gallery wall –

Artistically showcasing multiple wall clocks of different designs, sizes, and colors is a smart and innovative way to create a dramatic background for your bedroom. The important thing that works amazingly well to make the setup look interesting is the variety of shapes and sizes of clocks on your gallery wall. However, you need to be really careful as well as creative when decorating these pieces; for instance, only three clocks might not look good versus a more considerable collection.

Choose a large wall clock for a fuller look –

Placing an oversized wall clock in a vacant wall in your bedroom can give a fuller appearance, making a statement that cannot go unnoticed. Hence, some of the best wall clock designs are available in large sizes. Depending on where you place it, you can define the size of your clocks and the side of your bedroom setup. A clock with a diameter of 60cm or somewhat near to it certainly fits all the requirements and styles that you plan with oversized wall clocks.

For a more elegant look, go for a clock that features a rustic touch and clean lines to add a conventional yet contemporary aspect. Also, these kinds of clocks are surprisingly versatile and can easily fit any setup for your bedroom.

Adopting a color splash theme can be appealing –

If you are planning for a simple theme for your neutral room, use bright colored wall clocks that can match your statement, along with bringing emphases of color to your design scheme. Vivid tones on a pale background can really pull the attention of anyone who steps into your bedroom.

Play with the time zones through wall clocks –

Decorating your bedroom is the only way by which you can show your creativity. For if you want to spice up things a bit, place a cluster of clocks on your bedroom wall, with each timekeeper showing different time zones. This does not only looks beautiful but can also be helpful if you have someone living in any other parts of the world. There is no doubt that your guests are going to be certainly intrigued by the setting.

The Bottom Line –

Wall clocks are anything but boring if you can place them in an artistic way in your bedroom. These classic decorative pieces can give a complete transformation to your bedroom and make it look more appealing. However, it is important that you choose your wall clock wisely, considering the style quotient of your home d├ęcor. The styles mentioned above are just the perfect choices of wall clocks for a trendy and captivating appearance.

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