What Are the Qualities You Should Look for in a good Eye Doctor

Eyes are one of the most sensitive and vital organs of our body. Eyes not only help us see the beauty of the world but also help in managing our day to day life smoothly. Our eyes need regular checkups from time to time so that we ensure our good eye health. Hence choosing a good eye doctor is not a decision that we would want to make lightly.
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So, if you are looking for an eye exam in Falls Church VA, you need not worry since there are many good eye doctors in this area.
There are two main kinds of eye doctors, such as optometrist and ophthalmologist.
Ophthalmologists are certified medical doctors who hold the expertise in performing all kind of eye-related surgeries and diagnosing eye diseases and treating them as well. Ophthalmologists hold expertise in prescribing medication, as well as glasses and contact lenses.
Optometrists, on the other hand, do not have the expertise to perform eye surgeries but hold the knowledge in prescribing medication for uncomplicated eye diseases and write a prescription for glasses and lenses.

Given below are the qualities you should look for in an eye doctor:

·        Clear Communication: It is one of the vital aspects that we look in any service industry, and the same goes with the eye doctor. Every time you visit an eye doctor, you should return with the confidence that your questions have been thoroughly listened to and your concerns have been answered to clearly.
·        Experience: Eyes being the most vital organ of your body, you would want to go for the doctors who hold a high degree of experience. A doctor’s proficiency and expertise can be gauzed by looking at his or her professional affiliations. There are many such associations like for example American Academy of Optometry who are acclaimed for maintaining rigorous standards and also practice at a high level. Further, if you need an ophthalmologist to look for the one who is certified from a reputed institute like the board of Virginia and look for reviews or word of mouth communication about the doctor’s expertise in handling critical surgeries.
·        Caring hand: The doctor should be caring and compassionate towards his or her patients. The tone of voice and the proper eye contact are vital in building a connection with patients. The doctors should calmly listen to all the questions asked by the patients and should answer them with ease. The patient should feel heard and understood. After the examination is over, the doctor should give proper instructions for care and follow-up and ask if you have any questions.

Five common Eye-diseases that develop with Age:

·        Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD): It affects the Macula. The macula is a small group of tissues located at the core of the retina and gives clarity in sharp central vision. AMD leads to difficulty in accomplishing detail-oriented tasks like reading, writing, driving, etc. The early signs of AMD would include distorted, fuzzy, and shadowy central vision. Four reasons are considered as the added factors leading to the increased risk of AMD, such as age, race, family history, and history of smoking.
·        Cataracts: Crystal clear and flexible lenses are the indicator of healthy eyes. But as we age, the lenses tend to be less flexible, and cloudy mucus tends to cover the lenses, it is an indicator of cataract. The early symptom of cataracts would include cloudy or hazy vision and poor night vision. Cataracts can be cured by surgery.
·        Diabetic Retinopathy: It is an eye disease common in people with a high level of diabetes. It affects the blood vessels present in the retina of diabetics resulting in bleeding or fluid discharge from the blood vessels. The circumstances if left uncontrolled could result in permanent loss of vision.
·        Dry Eye Syndrome: It is due to the lack of a sufficient amount of natural moisture (oil, water, or mucus) in our eyes surface. The reason behind the lack of moisture is due to insufficient production of tears and poor tear quality produced by our tear glands.  The common symptom would include burning sensation, sore eye, blurred vision, watery eyes as a result of excessive tearing. The treatment for this would include the addition of eye drops or lubricant to reduce inflammation.

Things to be prepared with before going for an eye exam:

·        Family History:  It is vital to give the correct answer to the questions regarding your family history being asked by an eye doctor. Very often, eye health issues are related to our genetics.
·        Allergic: Mention clearly about substances you are allergic to the eye doctor before your eye exam starts.
·        Medication: It is also essential to mention regarding any medication you’re undergoing and whether it affects your vision or not.
·        Recent Events: It is vital to mention regarding any recent change that occurred in your life such as a change in the work environment, relocated to a foreign environment, extra pressure at work or going through a stressful situation in life. Such circumstances result in our cardiovascular system working hard, leading to damage in eye parts. Informing the eye doctor about the situation helps them in providing a solution to cope up with the situation.


There are many good eye doctors in Falls Church, VA who can provide right eye care solutions when you suffer from vision problem or eye-related issue. So whenever you face blurred vision or any unusual feel in your eyes which could be a minor allergy. It is recommended to visit an eye doctor and get your eye checked instead of surfing the Internet. The reason being information given on the Internet could sometimes be misleading.

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