What Makes Printed Birthday Cake Topper Popular Among All Age Groups

The most popular element of any birthday is a nicely decorated cake. No matter how much pomp and show you add to your birthday celebration. But if the cake is missing then it will make the party dull and boring.

What Makes Printed Birthday Cake Topper Popular Among All Age Groups

The very first thing we try to spot in a birthday party is a well presented cake. It is not common to kids but almost all age –groups. The cake is always in limelight especially during birthdays.
There are a variety of birthday cake toppers available in the market such as printed toppers, statues, toppers with heavy icing etc.
But the most popular among them are the printed cake toppers. Printed cake toppers are the talk of the cake town.

Reason behind the popularity of printed birthday cake Toppers:

  • Easy to Apply: The printed cake toppers are quite easy to apply. All you need to do is peel off the back layer of the frosting sheet and lay it upon the freshly frosted cake. The frosting sheet will get absorbed in the cake while the prints will remain intact.
  • Easy to Handle: The printed cake toppers are easy to handle apart from easy application. Many a times it happens that the heavy icing on the traditional cake seems difficult and messy to handle.
  • Amazing to look at: The printed cake toppers have a rich, lustrous look and appears delectable. Again the printed toppers could be customized according to your requirement. Many companies printing cake toppers welcome customers who want their own theme such as the personal photograph.
  • Personalized touch: Many topper manufacturers operate online hence if you want to quote a message for your beloved ones then you can visit their site online and quote the message you want to appear on top of the cake. The topper will be delivered to you with your quoted message. While if you go for traditional cake they will use whipping cream that will make the whole cake messy.

Precautions you should take while buying printed cake toppers:

  • Edible: The cake topper you buy should be edible. Not only the frosting sheet but also the ink used for printing the image should be approved by the FDA.
  • Tamper Proof Bag: Never accept the frosting sheet or printed toppers that do not come in a sealed bag. The reason being the topper gets damaged on being exposed to heat and light.

Frosting Sheet Vs Rice Paper-which qualifies in edible Printing

Now let us know in brief which stands out in generating printed toppers. Usually two types of paper are used for printing wafer paper and frosting sheets.
Edible images printed onto wafer paper are not of high quality as       compared to the ones printed on frosting sheets. So if you want a print of high resolution then it is ideal to prefer frosting sheets.
Further the wafer paper dissolves easily on water but does not dissolve on frosting and may be noticeable at the moment of cake cutting. But on the other hand the icing sheet not only dissolves in frosted cake but also give better image quality.

Hints and Tricks:

  • Never refrigerate the frosted cake and if you have done so then remove it from the refrigerator and leave it for sometime before you place the frosting sheet on it. The reason being it will form misty droplets of water upon the cake topper.
  • If your frosting sheet has turned brittle due to the exposure to air then use a blow dryer and heat up the backing of the sheet. Then gently peel off the backing and lay it on a freshly frosted cake.


No matter what occasion, printed cake toppers always shine out. The easy to pop on top of the cake material make it ideal for almost everyone to get a nicely decorated cake according to their own theme.

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