What To Do In Chicago This Summer

Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois. Also, it is the third most populous city in the United States and one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Visiting Chicago offers you an array of fun options whether on vacation or a business trip. When touring Chicago alone or with family, Chicago has numerous activities for both adults and kids. So, if you plan on visiting this beautiful tourist destination, this summer is a perfect time.

Chicago offers a perfect combination of activities for the whole family ranging from sunny beaches, bike tours, cruises, education, and cuisines to museums and parks.

Here are the places to visit for fun activities this summer:

a. Visit the Shedd Aquarium and Museum Campus

For those who enjoy staying indoors, this aquarium will thrill you with its fascinating creatures. It has a diverse species of amphibians and fish that will steal your breath.
At the museum, you will get a chance to watch a fun-filled film of the Jurassic World—a movie that blends science with entertainment.

b. Experience The Secret Food Tours

The Secret Food Tours is a Chi-Town foodies that offers you delicious culinary tour as you ride in the famous “Chicago Loop” district. During this fantastic three-hour professional culinary tour, you will be served with insider knowledge of this great city and valuable tips for further sightseeing to give you an enjoyable Chicago food tour experience.

The passionate guides will ensure you get a good taste of food tour Chicago and above all else, the secret delicious meal that you will only get to know that day.

c. Enjoy Nights at the Zoo

For lovers of nature and animals, this is a chance to dance away the night while enjoying the Zoo Brew as you watch the animals. The Brookfield Zoo is the largest zoo in Chicago and has a variety of both domestic and exotic species including the almost-extinct polar bears.

The zoo offers a kid-friendly entertainment and other fun activities. For adults, there is a Zoo Brew—an event for 21 and over that offers adult beverages and animal education. The event takes place each year in August from 25th-26th.

d. Hit the Beaches

On the shores of Lake Michigan, there spreads an endless line of stunning beaches. The Oak Street Beach, for instance, is one of the beautiful beaches found in the city. It is an ideal place to bask with the whole family. The beach also has several restaurants and bathrooms for your convenience.

Chicago also boasts of the North Avenue Beach. This beach has beautiful volleyball courts, a full-service restaurant, and several shops. This is an ideal destination.

e. Architecture River Cruise

The Architecture River Cruise is a refreshing activity. This cruise offers you a thrilling historical tour of Chicago’s rich history. It educates on the architectural sites of the city and how Chicago rose from dust to make it to the world’s top list home of skyscrapers.

A visit to this marvelous city will leave you with anticipation for your next visit. Travel in the company of your family or friends to get the most exciting time of your life in Chicago.

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