Who Makes The Best E-Cig Juice Flavor?

Looking for the ultimate in e-cig and e-juice flavors? Then look no further! We have done the hard work for you! So if you enjoy a good e-cig, we hope you’ll enjoy this post.
Listing the best e-cig juice flavors available in the world is always a tough ask. That’s why we took advantage of one of the biggest e-juice polls in the world and are happy to bring you the results. Now, we can’t give you all the e-juices out there, that’s a long list! What we are going to do is give you the top five!

5 Best E-juice Ranking Factors

If you are a beginner vaper or an experienced vaper you always want to try some of the best e-cig juice available. The following e-cig companies are ranked on five very important factors and voted on by the vaping community. The five things that were used to rank the e-cig juice was:

#1 Flavor

Obviously flavor is right up there. It’s no good having an affordable e-cig juice if it tastes like rubbish.

#2 Value

A good e-cig juice has got to provide vapors with value for money. No use tasting fantastic if it costs an arm and a leg to vape it.

#3 Variety

One flavor is great, but you’re never going to make it to the top of the e-cig juice pile if you only have one flavor.

#4 Nicotine Options

We all like to vape different strengths of nicotine, and it’s important that a top selling e-cig juice be available in a variety of different nicotine strengths.

#5 Accuracy

It’s important that when you buy something, it comes as described. E-cig juice is no exception. You want it to be just as described every time you buy it.

Top 5 E-Juice Companies

The top five e-cig juice companies that consistently hit all five of these important factors are:

#1 VaporFi

This company is a staple in the e-juice industry and thanks to a wide variety of flavor offerings, they’ve earned a cult-like following. Navigate to their best selling vape juice page to explore flavors like Joosylicious – based on kid’s favorite bubble gum, Deep Fried Apple Pie – a melt-in-you-mouth flavor, and Key Lime Cookie for a sweet treat after meals.

#2 Naked 100 E-Cig Juice

You can find this e-liquid for sale at most major online retail websites and one of the reason vapers like this brand so much has a lot to do with the amount of choices they offer. Whether you want a savory, full-flavored juice or something sweet to pair with meals, you are guaranteed find a Naked 100 e-liquid you like.

#3 Charlie’s Chalk Dust

While the name Chalk Dust doesn’t exactly paing a mouthwatering image, this company does make some really flavorful and unique e-liquids. Some of their top flavors include Strawberry Guava Jackfruit, Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry, and Uncle Meringue. Those ambitious enough to try the odd flavors, like Campfire and Savory Caramel, always come back for more.

#4 Vape Pink E-Cig Juice

Vape Pink is a fan favorite thanks to flavors like Swirl, Chew, and Cookie Butter. You can always spot their pink vape juice bottle a mile away. Fans of this company swear by their flavors.

#5 Fresh Pressed

Fresh Pressed is a California-based e-juice company that is comprised of indsutry experts using their knowledge to produce a better product for vapers. Strict manufacturing procedures help ensure consistency amongst all of this brand’s flavors – a feature vaping fans have come to appreciate.

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