World’s Best Beaches You Must Visit Once in Your Life

Want to spend some time with your friends or family on a beach? Can’t decide on which part of the world should you head towards? Here is the list of the world’s top beaches that receive millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The list contains all the beaches that are the choice of beach lovers. Each of the beaches has got some unique attractions for visitors with non-stop entertainment.

  • Hidden Beach (Playa Del Amor) – Nayarit, Mexico

Known as Hidden Beach, Playa Del Amor is one of the most visited beaches in the world. With its unique gaping hole, ample shade, and crystal-clear water, the beach is featured in one of the most beautiful beaches. National Geographic has also listed this beach in its list of 21 best beaches in the world. Most of the tourists perform advance booking in different Puerto Vallarta condo rentals so that they can easily get accommodation when they reach to Mexico.

  • Pink Sands Beach – Harbour Island, Bahamas

This beautiful beach offers some exciting views to its visitors. Since the beach is both flat and wide, it offers a great opportunity to swim lovers to enjoy swimming. It’s also an ideal place for strolling and for taking the sunbath. The shells of “Foraminifera”, which is a tiny creature, give a pink look to the sands of the beach.

  • Cala Goloritzè, Sardinia

This particular beach is the perfect spot for those who love climbing and hiking. You can access this beautiful beach only by boating or an athletic hiking. There is a rock spire of around 150 meters that gives a spectacular view. This beach is also perfect for those who prefer to visit an untouched private spot because quite a few people dare to reach at this remotely located beach.

  • Whitehaven Beach – Queensland, Australia

Accessible only by helicopter, seaplane, or boat, the beach is an ideal spot for those who love real adventures. The place is famous for its jungle-backed beach, Inlet hill, amazing tidal shifts, and for a number of other attractions.

  • South Beach – Miami, Florida

South Beach in Florida is famous for its soft and white sand. The water on the beach is also warm and inviting, that’s why you will always see a parade of model, artists, athletes, locals, and foreigners.

  • Beach below the Ruins – Tulum, Mexico

This particular beach is a unique beach that can portray a perfect postcard view of the 13th century Mayan ruins. Located about 80 miles south of Cancun, it is an ideal spot for those who want to explore the preserved structures of the city.

  • Santa Monica Beach – Santa Monica, California

Being a maintained soft sand beach, Santa Monica Beach attracts thousands of tourists from across the world every year who come far and wide to spend some memorable days near this iconic beach. Being a perfect example of the famed beaches in southern California, it offers plenty of activities and attractions.

  • Lido Beach – Venice, Italy

Venice has also got one of the most beautiful beaches. If you are a beach lover, you must have heard the name of The Lido di Venezia because it hosts the annual Venice Film Festival.

  • Haad Rin – Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Have you heard about the Full Moon Party that takes place every month? Yes, it is held on this particular beach in Thailand. Thousands of people from different parts of the world head towards this beach to enjoy the Full Moon parties.

  • Navagio Beach, Greece

Also famous as ‘shipwreck Beach’, Navagio Beach is one of the unique beaches in the world. Many people also refer this beach as “Smugglers Cove” because a ship ran aground on this beach many years ago.

  • Pampelonne Beach – Saint-Tropez, France

Pampelonne Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach got the world’s attention in 1955 when it was seen in the famous film, “And God Created Woman”. You can find everything on this amazing beach what you can desire for. Whether big yachts, striped umbrellas, beautiful women, or champagne on ice, the beach offers non-stop entertainment to its visitors.

  • Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

Being one of the most visited tourist sites in Australia, Bondi Beach offers meaningful opportunities to its visitors to enjoy swimming, surfing, and soaking up the sunlight.

So, pack your bags now and spend some unforgettable days on one of the above beaches with your friends or family. Travelling leaves a number of positive effects on your health and when it’s about travel to a beach, there is nothing better than that!

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